plastic mermaids.

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Mixing the new EP, not long now…
Nice to see so many of you at postfest last night, that was super fun!
The cover for chris’s solo album. Yep.
makes the 1500 mile round trip a bit more worthwhile..
Just checking out venues to do some recording next week
Thanks everyone who came last night that was awesome! We managed to blow 4kg of confetti, all of our smoke and an entire CO2 canister the size of a person. We would have loved to carry on all night (even though chris had snapped all the strings on one guitar and 3 on the spare) but the gestapo pulled the plug on us at 1am. Hope you all had a good one, we’ll do it again soon! Thanks to Rafe, Mark and Rachel for making it happen! We’re playing on Saturday at the Louisiana in Bristol if anyone happens to be around there, then we’ll be back on the isle in July for postfest and rhythm tree. Hopefully see you there
:o) (at Kashmir Cafe)
Well that was fun.
It’s taken me months and cost me a fortune but it’s nearly there. I am literally frothing to get on with some recording. Apologies for being such a geek.
That moment when 2 frivolous eBay purchases arrive at the same time..